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I hate food poisoning.

Yesterday, I'd gone to the new Panera Bread that opened in San Francisco recently ... only to end up feeling horrendous after eating my lunch. I thought it was indigestion - something that could be remedied with some Pepto-Bismol. Yeah ... not quite.

I knew it was really bad when I couldn't even keep water down. I'd spent a good part of today feeling funky and out of it - yet, I was able to eat crackers and drink 7-Up and ginger ale with no problems.

Of course, now there's a part of me that wants to eat all kinds of things, but realistically, it's not gonna happen. Maybe tomorrow. Besides, my head still hurts like hell.

On a happier note - I wanted to share this:

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Everyone knows about Friendster and Myspace.com - now, the same things exist for cats and dogs.

Dogster and Catster

It seems kind of cheesy - but I like that you can visit random dogs - called "A Walk Through The Dog Park" - give dogs virtual bones, visit puppies, and even look for specific breeds or qualities (dogs up for adoption, tripod dogs, rescue dogs, etc.) and read Dog Blogs set up by their humans.

And it's the same for the cats. Walk through the Cat Den, give the cats virtual treats, visit the kittens and kit-teens, check out specific types of cats, as well as read the Kitty Chronicles - transcribed by the humans, of course.

So, check it out some time. Give the dogs and cats some treats, or even set up a Dogster/Catster account for your furry friend!


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