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On Thursday I told my mom that I lost my job - she was really great about it; she told me that she loved and supported me, and that I was one of the strongest people that she knew. When I told her about the environment with my prior boss and some of the other stuff (head-up-their-ass strictness on the continuing education classes ... long, boring story there), she told me that I was probably better off somewhere else.

We talked about some other stuff, including SEGA's Sonic balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Kellie works at SEGA, and was one of the balloon handlers). She told all of her co-workers that Kellie would be in the parade(!), which I thought was really cute - that my mom would do that, telling people that her daughter-in-law would be in the parade. But what really touched me was the fact that she told people, period -- that people know that her older daughter is married. To another woman. And no one probably gives a damn.

And... My mom is also awesome because today (Friday), she called me this afternoon just to check in with me and see how I'm doing.
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Kim Kardashian (or "Kardasssian", as Joel McHale would say it) is getting divorced. After 72 days of marriage. They spent a shit-ton of money on the wedding and reception, only to decide to call it quits just over two months in.

Kellie and I had a very simple wedding, with no reception (didn’t have the funds), and we’re still together after 3+ years.

Take a guess as to whose marriage is destroying the sanctity of marriage: the married for 72 days (and divorcing) heterosexual couple - or the married for 3 years (and still going) lesbian couple.

And take a guess as to which side my mom is on with this whole thing - hint: she's not in alignment with the "Sanctity of Marriage" folks. :-)

Like I told my mom, when Kellie and I got married, no one came to us and said that our getting married suddenly destroyed their marriages. She just laughed and said, "well, maybe not to your face!"

Dude, even the seal gets it...


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