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This is all to say that I take no responsibility for any stupid, irrational statements that come out of my mouth in the next several days.
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Okay, so I admit that I wanted to be "decent" ... or at the very least, not be a snarky C U Next Tuesday about this ... but, for those playing in Dead Pools: Jerry Falwell is dead. Yep, he kicked the bucket, DFO-ed, bought the farm, pushing up daisies ... any other euphemism for death.

You know, if he does go to Heaven, I like to think that he'll get the shock of his life when he's surrounded by those "evil" feminists, lesbians and Pagans. Or, maybe South Park had it right - and he'll just go straight to Hell since he chose the wrong religion!

Anywho ... I was discussing the news with a co-worker, and we talked about what Falwell would hear when he reaches the Pearly Gates. The consensus is: "Sorry, no vacancy! Although, there are some (permanent) holding cells. IN HELL!!" So, dude, don't forget your sunblock, and don't let the gates hit you where the good Lord split ya!

Besides, as my friend [livejournal.com profile] docwebster mentioned, apparently there will be a protest at his funeral. Just not by queer leftists, those godless heathens. Oh no ... even better. It's In-Bred Fred and The Westboro Baptist Cult Church parishoners. Yeah ... just a little odd, isn't it? Guess the Patriot Guard Riders were getting the better of him, what with the rumble of Harley engines drowning out his rants.

Enough of that snark. Onto something that's not being discussed as much in the blogosphere: Hard Rock songs being turned into lullabyes. Led Zepplin; Radiohead; Bob Marley; The Cure ... even Tool (yes, "Sober" has been stripped down to lullabye goodness).

What's especially disturbing to me is: Rock-A-Bye Baby - Metallica. Yeah, this one includes "Enter Sandman" - yes, a song about crib death. (The line "we're off to never never land" was originally supposed to be "disrupt the perfect family")

Yeah, just what I'm going to play for my kid. Fifteen years later, they'll be in therapy going, "every night, I felt like I was going to die. Like my family was wanting me to die..." Not worth it, dudes.

p.s.: Kellie's really good in bed.


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