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This past Friday night (the 23rd), I did my volunteering with one theater group - the San Francisco Neo-Futurists - for a one-night-only show in Oakland. They did a "Best Of" with some of their favorite plays from this year - most of which I've seen before, and several I hadn't because they were before my time (so to speak). It was a lot of fun; a great, enthusiastic crowd and a unique venue - the backyard of an arts collective.

After the show, the sound/tech guy and I were sitting on a couch and talking with a couple of people; I don't remember what the exact context of the conversation was, but it turned out that he and I had a few parallels when it came to relationships - namely, being divorced in the same year. The people we were talking to joked about it being a "Parent Trap" situation and how it was like we were probably married to each other and meant to be together again. (Yeah,...No. He's really nice, but I don't know his type of woman and all that. Also it was his last week with the theater group. *sad face*)

Then on my way home after all of that fun, I ended up with a kid (quite literally a kid...he was around my sister's age - 25) trying to put the moves on me. Best part was his asking me what I was studying in college. It didn't faze him when I laughed at the question - although it did go over his head when I told him "the last time I was in college, you were a toddler". So I just flat-out told him my age. He almost dropped his jaw and said "You don't look 42! It's your attitude, and the way you dress. You look so much younger." And then he kept trying to put the moves on me. I gave him a fake name and a probably out of service phone number, because I doubt that I'm going to see the kid again anytime before the 6th of Never.

Saturday night (aka last night) was Rocky Horror in Pittsburg, CA. Or, as some people in San Francisco probably think of it - East Jesus. Yeah, it's still in the Bay Area - just a ways out there. But it was a fun show - even if our truck with the props broke down en route, and we only had maybe half the usual props (the show must go on)! The venue served beer and wine, so the crowd was rowdier than a usual Halloween crowd might be otherwise.

It's great to see the show at venues other than my "home" theater, because the set ups are so different - one venue may have more space than another, or you might have an actor in dual roles, or the truck with all of your props breaks down halfway to the theater...and you risk doing what a fellow cast member called "Thornton Wilder's 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'"

Afterwards, we stuck around to help clean up because we're decent people and we know that the show can be kind of messy - what with the toilet paper, playing cards, glow sticks and confetti poppers littering the floor - and I got to be kind of snarky and dirty-minded with a few cast members: when someone griped about the floors being wet (from spilled beer/wine/whatever else), I'd said that he should be happy that we weren't cleaning up jizz as well. That started a bit of back and forth about how there could be spunk on the ground - I said that that's why we gave out the gloves, and also why I was glad to be female...I could be more discreet. [For the record, if this was happening with the friend I was crashing with - would I have the same conversation? Oh probably. Since we'd determined that we're better as friends, I don't care if he gets something for the spank bank from hearing that I masturbate. Or that he saw me braless at his place this morning.]

And yes.... Crashing with the aforementioned friend. That went pretty well - I don't sleep very soundly at another person's house, especially since I worry about over-sleeping, but getting about 6 hours' was pretty fine for me. When we were both more awake, we hung out and watched some "Tales From The Crypt" and an episode of MST3K before he took me home.

So yes, it was a good weekend. Now I have this week - I'm going to The Bird And The Bee on Wednesday night (yay live music!), then two consecutive nights of Rocky Horror on home turf! And hopefully I'll be getting a few of my friends to come to the movie - at least one, possibly two have committed. I may be able to get a third (if I can get a ticket...that may convince him) if he doesn't have prior commitments.


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