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Now this isn't going to be anything provocative (sorry!) - just my babbling on about what's happened in the past few weeks since I'd last posted. Especially since the concert had happened and all.  :-)

Ah yes...the concert! L7 - my collegiate fangirl self was in heaven to say the least. And I kind of felt like I was back in college - only this time, I was actually cool instead of galumphing around pathetically as I did back in the day. One of the best parts was probably dinner beforehand, if only because the waitress was flirting with one of the guys at our table. Since he was single, the rest of us (the happily married man, the gay man, and the "platonically involved friends") were doing our best to get him to try to get the waitress' phone number.... He didn't give in. (Dammit. We did try, though!)

After the show, my friend took me home and we talked about music that we liked in college - Velocity Girl was a big part of the discussion, and I did my best to convince him that yes I did have fun at the show - even if I was off to the side of the venue. Some people just don't understand introverts/claustrophobes. If I wasn't having fun, I would make myself scarce - and/or I wouldn't be there at all.

And yes there was another make-out at the doorstep. This time, he started kissing my neck (which tends to do me in pretty easily) and came pretty close to making a grab for one of my tits. Well, okay it was more like he was thisclose to touching it but stopped himself.

The next night was Rocky Horror, so we played it cool. I'm fine with this; because I've come into the cast as a fan and he's been an actor in the cast for a long time, so I don't want it to look like I'm just on cast to fuck the actors (male/female/otherwise) and also I don't know everyone all that well yet. So I'd like to have a decent reputation with them before anyone gets the hint that sure this person and I are friends - but maybe there's something more? *raises eyebrow*

Last weekend, we saw each other again at the co-director's birthday party. This was a lot of fun, because it was a chance to see people besides the co-director and his wife (whom I've gone to concerts with recently), their kids and my friend in a setting outside of the sometimes frenetic pace of Rocky Horror: where you're rushing about trying to get everything together to set up the staging for the movie after the prior film lets out; getting things set up for the sales table; making sure that everyone is ready to go and in their places for security and whatever else, and when the movie is over...there's taking everything down and packing it up for the next week/month's show.

So not much time to hang out and get to know people outside of that world - and when something like this comes around, I'm trying to go for the opportunities, because I want to know more about fellow cast members and have them get to know me as well.  :)

So that's what's going on there right now. I don't really know what to call this thing - I just call it a friendship, or maybe very very casual dating at best. I just know that right now I keep an emotional distance by calling it a "crush", and reminding myself of the words of Gerard Way: "It's not love if it's just fucking" (I'd ask where was this advice when I needed it 20 years ago; but I have a feeling that 20 years ago, Gerard Way was probably still trying to figure that one out for himself as well....)


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