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Cast of Characters (and other stuff)

With me, you can get a general idea of who I am from reading the entries. A Geek by day, and still a geek by night. I've lived in San Francisco for over ten years now, before then, I'd lived my entire life (30+ years) in St. Louis.

I have some ADD tendencies (but, who doesn't?) - I'm notorious for reading 2-3 books at the same time, and if I actually finish a book, it's almost a miracle. If I'm watching a movie or tv, I tend to be reading a book or a magazine while the program/movie is going on, somehow managing to divide my attention between the two.

Raised Mormon, now not affilliated with any faith - I just consider myself to be a spiritual person.

In addition to this whole mess, I'm queer. (That orientation was stolen from my friend, Tyson) It's much, much easier than saying that I'm a "lesbian-identified bisexual" or a "lesbian that likes boys, too". My family knows about my sexuality, and while they may not be rushing to march in a gay pride parade, they do love and accept me. And while I was married to my now ex-wife, they loved and accepted her as a part of the family and my mom even considered her the favorite daughter-in-law.  *smirk*

Also, I have two separate filters - one for fanfic; the other for talk about sex and sexuality. If you're interested in either one, and you're not a part of them right now, let me know! :-)

I live with:


Housemates in separate rooms.

No cat any longer.  :(

Sometimes, you'll hear/read me saying a lot of odd things. Even the people that have been around a long time. So, maybe I should offer a "glossary" of sorts, to clear up any confusion (if there really is any)!

My Lovelies/Sexy Bitches - That would be you all that are reading.

Future Ex-Husbands - How I refer to my male crushes.

Pagan Babies/Gay Pagan Babies - I am, and will be, childless, so this is a joke of sorts. Usually directed at boy crushes, future ex-husbands and people I have intellectual crushes on (i.e.; Lewis Black).

Slash-Slut - I read (and sometimes) band slash, as well as reading other slashfic. Since I have a crazy appetite for the stuff, I consider myself to be a slut. Besides, there's nothing better than two cute boys together. *eg*


I refer to myself as being a nerd, geek, dork, what have you. It's not meant in some evil, perjorative sense. It's just how I see myself. Hell, I'm fascinated by Fractals to where I have a favorite set (the Julian set); as well as an odd fascination with Klein Bottles - I love the idea that they exist in 4 dimensions. Don't ask me about the math behind them ... just go along with my fascination.

To add to my complete dork (batteries included!) status - I want to go back to school, just to take some random classes - Geometry; World Religions, whatever.

I'm painfully shy in person - I hate making phone calls, dancing in public, initiating conversations, what have you. It's so bad that I have to work up the courage to ask anyone for something - even something as mundane as stopping for a meal or going to a store.

I have epilepsy, which keeps me from driving. Even if I didn't have epilepsy, I still wouldn't drive - mainly due to an incredible anxiety. Also, I'd made a conscious decision years ago, that because of my seizures being a bit unpredictable and incapacitating my reaction time, I'd rather not drive. No matter how long I'm seizure-free.

While I don't plan to have children, I'm not going to be an asshole towards kids (or their parents) as a lot of childless people are wont to do. Besides, I'm looking forward to being the cool, slightly crazy aunt that buys my neices and nephews Vans tennis shoes, Ramones and Metallica onesies, and when they get older, they can eat cereal for dinner and watch cartoons in the middle of the day. I'd read to them, and teach them about others' faiths, beliefs and moral compasses. You know, the usual stuff.

Kellie (my ex-wife) and I became aunties in 2009 - a niece, Rylee, in April; and a nephew, Andrew, in December. They are both adorable little ones, and it's a lot of fun to see them growing up - especially fun to get a phone call and hear a little voice saying "Hi Carly!" "Hi Kellie!" "I love you!" It just melts your heart. And in March 2016, I became an auntie to twin nephews - Jack and Finn. They are sweet little ones, little fighters born about 2 months premature, and while I haven't met them in person yet I look forward to doing so at some point. :)

That's all I can think of right now ... if there's anything else that you want to know, just ask!
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