Jul. 29th, 2016

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It occurred to me recently, as my "birthday show" with Rocky Horror is coming up, that I'd formally met M. at my birthday show last year. Granted, it was at another theater but he was there. He just didn't see me getting my birthday spanking from our co-director with the handle of her feather duster (she plays Magenta).

I remember that I'd met him after the show was over - he was talking to a mutual friend of ours (who just passed away at the end of June) and I was shocked to see that he had long hair underneath the Eddie wig. Apparently the shock was pretty obvious, because he'd made a comment about wanting to do that to new cast members from now on (taking off the wig and showing his actual hair).

Well as far as I know, he hasn't done that to any of the new cast members. Probably forgot about it in the months since it happened. Anyways - this time, for my birthday show, I'm not as much of a newbie as I was last year. I know more people on cast...and I also asked M. to come up for my show if he'd feel so inclined. Which I must have been a very good (or bad) girl, because he's coming up for the show and will be giving me the birthday spanking this year. And so it doesn't look too suspect, he's coming up to do the tech thing during the show because tech was needed.


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