Mar. 3rd, 2015

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On the last Saturday of every month since last September, I've been going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've become a regular - members of the shadow cast recognize me, the main actor that plays Frank N. Furter always greets me afterwards - and I have a great time. Except I almost didn't go last month (February).

Then I read something that some Tumblrista had written about Rocky Horror Picture Show, that really got under my skin:

Social Justice Brat/Tumblrista: "rocky horror is the worst and is also transmisogynistic can we please finally get over this shit movie"

Response from a Tumblr User With Common Sense: "ok but like the writer is transgender nonbinary [ed. note: I don't know if this is actually the case for Richard O'Brien, but I'll humor this person...] and the language used in the play was the preferred language by trans people of that time can we not deny parts of our history because we’ve evolved since then thanks"

My response/rant:
Oh Tumblr…. Looking to stir up the pot over a stage musical (and later movie)  that was written over 40 years ago. And for the record, no I will not get over “this shit movie” as you call it.

Not when there are LGBTQ kids that go to the Midnight shows to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and meet others like them, and realize that they’re not alone in the world. That they have met “their people” - that they have people they can relate to in one way or another. That they can come to the show in costume or in their everyday clothes and be themselves and be embraced as they are. That no one is going to give them trouble for it. That they can hang out with other “misfits and weirdoes” for a few hours a week or month and forget their troubles.

To me, that’s what Rocky Horror is about. It’s a fucking weird movie, that satirizes science fiction films (and a bit of the Glam Rock scene) of the era. And if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But leave the rest of us alone to enjoy it in peace.

ETA: fuck watching it in peace - the crowds are noisy and it’s awesome! Gallaudet University [a University for Deaf students in Washington, D.C.] could host a showing with the film closed-captioned and a Deaf shadow cast, and it would still be loud as fuck. :-D

After writing that, I'd somehow talked myself into going. I'd had a horrible month (details for another entry) and wanted to just spend my night in bed wallowing in self-inflicted angst, reading smut. Instead I got dressed up and went out. Marked up Virgins for the Virgin Oath/Virgin Sacrifice, talked to people about past shows and it ended up being exactly what I needed. I needed to be among my people that night. Among my friends.


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