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Yay - I got through the month! Our last two shows in San Francisco turned out to both be sellout events, which was fantastic. Friday night we had a truly full house, in that I did not have anywhere to sit - so I was either leaning against the wall in the aisle, or sitting on a bench outside of the movie (it's a single-screen theater).

Last night, even thought all of the tickets were sold - we still had some available seats in the theater. I'm guessing that people bought tickets online and forgot about them...or whatever. But no matter - the Halloween crowd had more energy, and was more into the movie than the Friday night crowd seemed to be.

I did see M at last night's show - got to tease him a little over the fact that he'd (only) liked all of my pictures on Facebook. His response was something along the lines of "if you'd posted bad ones, I wouldn't have liked them..." Fair enough, I guess. And since there was actual seating in the back of the theater, we got to sit together for a little while. Well...sit together, and talk. Which is how I found out that he'd been attracted to me since he'd officially met me in August. Honestly, I'd thought he was pretty fucking cute around the same time - but I think I was trying to pursue something with someone else, which obviously hadn't worked out.

Still, I told him about my best (guy) friend - and the fact that he and I occasionally perv on each other. Didn't really go into detail on that, because that could be a long-ass conversation, so I just left it at "I've been friends with him for however long...and sometimes we perv on each other. And I think that anyone that I date would have to be okay with that..." I didn't get to mention that said friend happens to be out of state, though...lol

I did end up making out with M last night. It was fun, and I definitely felt something with him - so it's about more than being enamored with the idea of making out with someone this time. And because we were trying to get the prop kits moving earlier in the night, a fellow cast mate and I were offering up cleavage - aka "Kits and Tits" - I was playing kind of fast and loose with my goods, and complimented highly on them by M. I'd just said that they were pretty decent - but I live my whole life with them, so what do I know? All of this is to say that M did cop a feel - well, through a rather padded bra, I'm afraid. But he did seem to be quite appreciative - and asked before he touched me. It was kind of funny that he'd said that he'd under-appraised my chest, because it was more amazing than what he'd originally thought it to be. (Again, Praise Be to Torrid's Push-up Bra and I'm taking that with a few grains of salt, because he was probably headed towards horny from the making out and touching boobs - but still, very flattered.)
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