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2007-04-08 09:38 am
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A couple of updates from recent entries:

1) The Hello Kitty Hissfits t-shirt wasn't available in the store, so I ordered it online. Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week! :-) In light of that disappointment, I did get another Hello Kitty t-shirt - Apple of Your Eye - it's very cute, and fun! (But then, when isn't Hello Kitty fun?)

2) The ADD cooking - with the marinated for over 36 hours chicken? Yeah, that was quite crappy. The chicken appeared to be cooked in the lime juice, almost ceviche-style - and when it was actually prepared, some of the bigger pieces were still raw in the middle. We may try the recipe again - but this time, we'll be paying more attention to the marination time.

Now, for some more recent stuff. Yesterday was my sister's 16th birthday! I called her to wish her a happy birthday, and she told me that she'd gotten a job (at a tanning salon, cleaning the beds and doing laundry) - she's going to be saving the money from her job ... to come out and see me!! {I'd been petitioning my mom for years to let her come and visit ... only to be denied and/or have the request put off to the side. So, I'm thrilled, and jumping up and down inside, like a little kid.}

Today is Easter, and I'll be celebrating by making deviled eggs (yum) and going to the movies - Blades of Glory and/or Meet The Robinsons. I know, kind of unconventional, but quite fun!

That's all that's going for now ... I'll see how the rest of the day works out.
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2007-04-05 07:35 pm
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For anyone that's known me for at least 5 minutes, my love of Hello Kitty is probably noticeable. Hell, I even met her a couple of years ago!

Anyways ... I found another excellent Hello Kitty shirt, via Torrid: Hissfits. I just wonder, does she perform "Die Die My Darling?"
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2005-07-23 09:52 pm
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Its Hello Kitty Day

Today, I went to Torrid (read: Hot Topic for fat chicks) and found an awesome Hello Kitty t-shirt. It's a gray shirt, with Hello Kitty in her own Metallicat glory - including lightning bolts on either side of her, and the words "Too Much Metal for One Kitty" on the shirt. Very cool, indeed.

Stolen from Kellie's blog: "But the FUN part of the day was... Carly got her picture taken with HELLO KITTY!! She went to browse the Sanrio store as normal, and there she was! It was so cute... cause Carly's face just LIT UP when she saw Mz. Kitty. Then, when she realized that the staff would take your picture with Mz. Kitty, her face lit up again. But she tried to play it cool and deny that she wanted to get her picture taken. But it didn't take much prodding to get her to pose for a photo."

Deep down, I'm still five years old... )