Apr. 8th, 2007

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A couple of updates from recent entries:

1) The Hello Kitty Hissfits t-shirt wasn't available in the store, so I ordered it online. Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week! :-) In light of that disappointment, I did get another Hello Kitty t-shirt - Apple of Your Eye - it's very cute, and fun! (But then, when isn't Hello Kitty fun?)

2) The ADD cooking - with the marinated for over 36 hours chicken? Yeah, that was quite crappy. The chicken appeared to be cooked in the lime juice, almost ceviche-style - and when it was actually prepared, some of the bigger pieces were still raw in the middle. We may try the recipe again - but this time, we'll be paying more attention to the marination time.

Now, for some more recent stuff. Yesterday was my sister's 16th birthday! I called her to wish her a happy birthday, and she told me that she'd gotten a job (at a tanning salon, cleaning the beds and doing laundry) - she's going to be saving the money from her job ... to come out and see me!! {I'd been petitioning my mom for years to let her come and visit ... only to be denied and/or have the request put off to the side. So, I'm thrilled, and jumping up and down inside, like a little kid.}

Today is Easter, and I'll be celebrating by making deviled eggs (yum) and going to the movies - Blades of Glory and/or Meet The Robinsons. I know, kind of unconventional, but quite fun!

That's all that's going for now ... I'll see how the rest of the day works out.


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