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hiddenmuse ([personal profile] hiddenmuse) wrote2016-07-16 11:51 pm

Oh Nostalgia! and Being Over 21! (or Something Like It...)

It's Saturday night and I'm hanging out at home watching the Duran Duran Greatest Hits DVD (yay nostalgia!) and drinking beer through a straw because I'm a classy broad like that (yay being over 21...or something!?).

Why am I doing this? A couple of reasons: 1) I remembered a conversation I'd had eons ago with M. where he'd asked me when I first realized that I liked girls - I told him that it was probably when I saw the unedited version of Duran Duran's "Girls On Film" video. I was about 12 - and I got to rent a VHS of Duran Duran videos while visiting my dad in the South. I remember being scandalized and kind of turned on by the half-naked women, as well as hoping that my dad wouldn't walk in and bust me watching the video and think *all* of the videos were like this.

And 2) a conversation that I'd had with M. today, about his performing in Rocky Horror tonight...with the possibility of family members in attendance. Family that doesn't know that he's involved with Rocky Horror. He'd told me about this last week, so I texted him to wish him luck on his possibly "coming out" to family. The gist of the conversation:

Me: I saw your mention of the show tonight...and I remembered that you mentioned possibly having family show up there.

Him: Yup. We shall see.

Me: I'll be thinking of you - and if they show up, good luck with your "coming out" to them. :)

Him: Awwww :) Thank you, darlin' :)

Me: You're welcome. :) and think of it this way - yours will be easier than mine! At least you didn't have to come out as a lesbian, then later say...yeah, actually it's bisexual and always has been.

Him: True that. Rocky may actually be easier to explain, sort of.

Me: Yeah - it's all still homoerotic. ;) Just not as girl-on-girl.

Him: *hugs* Silly :)

So several hours after that conversation, he's playing Criminologist (Crim) to an enthusiastic crowd that may or may not include family members and I'm just tipsy enough to look at some photos that were taken of me...to give the OK on which ones I want for keeps.

If you haven't seen "Girls On Film" (the Night Version) - oh my lovelies. It's 35 years old, mind you...but still really hot. MTV banned it for the nudity and the fact that it's pretty much soft-core porn without any sexytimes happening. Now in 2016, the censors might let some of it slide - but would still ban the rest.

And proof that I was/am drinking beer from a can, with a straw (don't hate...and don't look at me like that):

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