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Okay, so the guy that I'd mentioned before? That I'm going to be hanging out at the show with at the end of the month tomorrow night (well, closer to tonight...but whatever)? Yeah. Turns out that he kind of likes me back. There's a platonic chemistry at the very least, and he'd been flirting with a bit me via text for the past several days.

The other night, he ended up in the city (SF) after wrapping up an assignment - so we hung out together. It was nice, and gave us an opportunity to actually talk beyond the brief conversations at Rocky Horror and the near non-sequitur conversations that some of our text messages had been lately. We talked about our families; how we'd gotten into Rocky Horror; and most importantly, what we're looking for with relationships. And it turns out that on the last one, we may be on a similar wavelength - mainly looking for friendship, not particularly interested in pursuing a relationship with anyone. Like I told him, I'd dated around in my 20s, I was with one person/married in my 30s, and I want to spend my 40s single.

Also, even though he knew that I was divorced - I could've sworn that I'd told him that my ex was an ex-wife (it's part of my how I came to Rocky Horror story...), not an ex-husband. He thought that I was straight! So he was kind of surprised when I just came right out and said something about having to disappoint my mom by going from being married to a woman to being bisexual.

Anyways.... fast-forward to the end of the night. Things have gone well, he was very nice - a gentleman the whole time - even walked me to my door. And kissed me good-night. Well, it was more like a good-night make out. But still. The first kiss I'd had with anyone in a few years - and the first time I'd kissed a guy in well over 10+ years. And yes, I would definitely kiss him again. As I told him, I'm definitely into hot and heavy make-outs...if nothing else.  ;-)
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